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Curtis Cresswell.

SEO Freelancer.

Tamworth | Birmingham | Sutton | Lichfield | Burton

I personally love how SEO is becoming more prominent in closing the gap between the creative and technicalities of having a strong brand.

What was once about keyword stuffing in the peak of the backlink-rush, is now about proving yourself worthy of credible acknowledgments from peers around the web, and offering real value within the content and identity of your brand.

Born in Burton and educated at Derby University and The CIM, I’ve worn many hats throughout my digital marketing career. From web designer and videographer to brand advisor.

I took a shine to SEO back in 2017 when I wanted to challenge myself with the more technical sides of digital marketing, and realised the return on investment that SEO can offer my clients.

My first non-freelance position was at a web design agency, where I established and pioneered their SEO offering, which later became one of their most profitable services, and for clients, yielding the most engaged traffic compared to other marketing channels.

Now I work solely on freelance SEO, providing specialist services for a range of clients in Tamworth, Birmingham, Sutton, Lichfield, Burton and Derby – and have been cited in various SEO articles by publishers around the web.


My Background:

Technical SEO | Writer | Freelance SEO Strategist

Some of my content:

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